Reach a solid B2 level in German with this Masterclass.

Effective. Innovative. Real-World German.
  • Finally start speaking German confidently and without stress.
  • Improve your understanding of spoken German in everyday life and at work.
  • Learn how to confidently handle situations in which you don't know the appropriate vocabulary.
Our German B2 Masterclass is the world's only German course that offers you the following:
Improve your pronunciation

You'll learn correct yet natural pronunciation - the way people really talk. Studies have shown that natural pronunciation is more likely to be associated with good language skills than perfect grammar.

Focus on
Speaking & Listening

90% of communication in life is oral. You'll feel less inhibited when speaking and understand spoken German better.

Grammar as a tool

Grammar is a tool for speaking German. You'll learn to use the important grammar structures confidently and practically, without spending hours memorizing tables and rules.

Real-World German.

Now it's time to go beyond textbook theory and speak German competently in real life. In this course, you'll learn with real-world material such as series, movies, documentaries, etc.

Access to Deutsch mit Benjamin Academy

In addition to the Masterclass, you'll automatically get access to all of the content in the Deutsch mit Benjamin Academy and can participate in skills-based workshops at no additional cost.
*only for the Premium plan

Methodology & Expertise

We use a unique methodology developed by Benjamin and David that you won't find in any other German course. You'll also benefit from the extensive expertise of all the teachers in our team.

This course is perfect for you if ...
  • you've been stuck at the B1 level for a while and want to finally make real progress.
  • you're learning or have learned German in school and want to understand everyday German better.
  • you (are planning to) live or work in a German-speaking country or (are planning to) work at a German company and want to communicate confidently in German.
  • you're motivated and disciplined and know that you can't learn German magically overnight.
Can you really make it to the B2 level in 90 days?
Yes! It is definitely possible.

With motivation, discipline and a methodology that works.

These are the methods that set us apart from the rest:
Spaced Repetition

You'll learn new vocabulary in a brain-friendly and effective way using the free learning app Anki. We've developed our own Anki strategy to make sure that you really remember the vocabulary you learn and don't forget it after a short time.


By writing down what you hear, you'll rapidly improve your listening comprehension on the one hand and expand your active vocabulary on the other.


You'll speak more fluently and naturally thanks to imitation exercises, as well as begin to use more complex grammar structures automatically.

Translation Cubed

Thanks to the bilingual language learning method Translation³ you'll immediately understand even more complex content and develop intuitive language skills faster thanks to translations into your native language. Currently we offer English and Russian as source languages.

At the end of the Masterclass, especially motivated participants will have a chance to win one of the following prizes:
  • Apple iPhone 13
  • 3 additional months of free membership to Benjamin's Academy with all the benefits
  • €50 Amazon voucher
  • DUDEN daily calendar for 2023

Our Masterclass will help you boost your German speaking and listening skills and overcome speaking inhibitions. We're sure that you are highly motivated to improve your German, but we also know that sometimes it can be hard to stay disciplined. Our mission is to help you make real, sustainable progress. But just in case you ever lack discipline, we'll be giving away prizes as an extra motivation to stay on the ball.

Core features of the course

Our Masterclass is multifaceted and therefore includes many different materials. Not every lesson or every day looks the same. Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect:

Video lessons from Benjamin Rannig and David Allen Martin II

New learning material will be provided each day. This includes video lessons, movie/series clips, TV reports or other authentic material, as well as interactive quizzes and exercises.

Shadowing exercises

To help you practice your fluency, there're hundreds of audios available that you can and should use for shadowing exercises.

Telegram Group & Feedback

There will also be a chat group on Telegram hosted by our expert teachers, where you can get in touch with other students and support each other.

Downloadable materials

Many lessons have audios in podcast format that you can download to study on the go. You'll also get an Anki deck for each learning block to learn and memorize new vocabulary. We also provide you with bilingual T³ PDFs with English translations.

1-on-1 Learning

Throughout the course, you'll have 1-on-1 access to your personal teacher on Telegram. Your teacher will answer your questions, keep track of your progress and chat with you via text and voice messages so you can communicate in German on a daily basis. You'll also be given homework assignments with deadlines - both written texts and audios/videos that will be corrected by your teacher.
*only for the Premium plan

Price lottery

If you turn in all homework assignments on time and complete all Masterclass lessons on time, you'll get a chance to win a big prize. The more active you are in the group meetings as well, the better your chance to win the grand prize.
*only for the Premium plan

Who are we?

  • Benjamin Rannig

    Founder of Deutsch mit Benjamin. Benjamin is an experienced native German teacher and accent coach. After gaining extensive teaching experience during his studies in German Linguistics, he taught German at various language schools. In 2020, he founded his own online academy for German learners. His particular passion and expertise lies in phonetics, phonology and prosody.

  • David Allen Martin II

    Founder of LinguaThor. David is from California, USA, and studied German and Linguistics at UC Berkeley. He has been living and working in Germany for over 10 years and, thanks to his learning methods, has mastered both German and Spanish to a native-like level with no foreign accent. He works as a German and English teacher, technical translator and language coach for international businesses. Getting to know people and their languages is his passion.
  • Thanks to the methods we apply in our Masterclass, David speaks German without a foreign accent and is always mistaken for a native German speaker, even though his native language is English.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    You can start the course at any time. Once you book the course, you'll get access to the entrance test as well as the content for day 1. After that, new material will be unlocked every day. Every 7th day is off so you have time to catch up on what you didn't get done during the week or just enjoy a day off, i.e. 6 days of new material, 1 day off, again 6 days of new material, 1 day off, etc. That means that there're 90 learning days, so it takes 104 days in total for you to complete the course.

    If you choose the Premium plan, you'll be contacted by your personal instructor no later than the next business day.
    If you choose the Premium plan, you'll be contacted by your personal teacher no later than the next business day. Your teacher will then be available for you in the chat from Monday to Friday. Weekends and holidays are off. Of course, you can still send messages in the chat, but you'll only receive