Does any of this sound like you?
  • You've been learning German for quite a long time, but speaking German still feels unnatural to you.
  • You can't fully express yourself in German and don't feel as confident as you do in your native language.
  • You find it hard to understand "fast" speaking natives or German movies.
  • You feel that when you speak German, people treat you differently than they do in your native language.
What if there was a study program where you could immerse yourself in real-life German, focusing on listening and speaking?
Well, Deutsch mit Benjamin Academy is exactly that – a comprehensive online learning platform for you so ...
you'll boost your listening skills of real-life German through in-depth conversation analysis and transcription exercises
you'll learn to speak natural German and increase your communication confidence in both formal and informal settings
you won't have to keep repeating yourself or asking others to repeat themselves

Who is Benjamin?

Benjamin Rannig is the founder of Deutsch mit Benjamin and an experienced native German teacher and accent coach. After gaining extensive teaching experience during his studies in German Linguistics, he taught German at various language schools. In 2020, he founded his own online academy for German learners. His particular passion and expertise lies in phonetics, phonology and prosody.

Benjamin is also recommended by Prof. Dr. Simon Meier-Vieracker, Professor of Applied Linguistics at the Technical University of Dresden.

Deutsch mit Benjamin Academy is the world's only German learning platform of its kind.

Recommended by linguists.
Pronunciation & Accent

In the Academy you'll learn correct yet natural pronunciation – the way people really talk. Studies have shown that natural pronunciation is more likely to be associated with good language skills than perfect grammar.

Real-World German

Now it's time to go beyond textbook theory and speak German competently in real life. In this course, you'll learn with real-world material such as series, movies, documentaries, etc.

Focus on
Speaking & Listening

90 % of communication in life is oral. You'll feel less inhibited when speaking and understand spoken German better.

Methodology & Expertise

We use a unique methodology that you won't find in any other German course. Deutsch mit Benjamin Academy is staffed by a team of top-class, experienced teachers and university lecturers.

What our students say:

Core features of the membership

Video lessons from Benjamin Rannig and his team

Learn the theoretical knowledge you need to reduce your foreign accent and speak German confidently and intelligibly.

Real-world & up-to-date content

Learn with real-world resources such as movies, series, radio shows, interviews, and more to improve your listening comprehension and learn only real-life and relevant stuff. We regularly add new content to the academy. As long as you are a member, you have access to all current and future materials at no extra cost.

Shadowing exercises

To help you practice your fluency, there're tons of audios available that you can and should use for shadowing practice. This allows you to automatize and internalize grammatical structures and vocabulary in a natural way through imitation and constant repetition.

Skills-focused Workshops

Deutsch mit Benjamin Academy regularly hosts group workshops with one of the teachers on various vocabulary- or pronunciation-related topics. You can sign up for any workshop that interests you – at no additional cost.

1-on-1 teacher support

Get 1-on-1 access to a teacher via Telegram chat to get your questions answered, your progress tracked, and receive useful tips, customized assignments, and ongoing feedback.
*only for Premium plan

Live coaching with your teacher

Schedule individual conversation or accent training sessions with your personal teacher on Skype/Zoom to work on your weaknesses, receive live feedback or simply practice conversation.
*only for Premium plan

Who is the academy for?

The Academy is for you if ...

- you want to speak German more smoothly, naturally and confidently
- you want to significantly improve your listening comprehension
- you're willing to actively work on your German, leave your comfort zone and want to make progress in the long term
- you have at least a B1+ level in German

The Academy is NOT for you if ...

- you've just started learning German
- you want to cram textbooks or are looking for a standard German course
- you're not eager to learn actively
- you're looking for a magic trick that will have you speaking German like a native speaker in no time

Frequently Asked Questions
After booking, you'll get immediate access to the self-study materials and have access to them anytime and from anywhere. You can also participate in workshops as part of your membership. These are recorded and permanently saved to the Academy, so you can watch them later too. If you choose the Premium plan, you'll be connected to your personal teacher for 1-on-1 chat no later than the next business day.
With the Premium plan, you'll be contacted by your personal teacher no later than the next business day. They’ll then be available for you in the chat from Monday to Friday. Weekends and holidays are off. Of course, you can still send messages in the chat, but you're only guaranteed to receive a reply by the next working day. For the 1-on-1 chat, we use Telegram, which is available for all popular operating systems on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
All learning content (videos, audios, exercises) is available in your account. You can watch and go through everything as many times as you want and will always have everything at your disposal as long as you are a member.
Additional comprehensive modules are added to the Academy on a monthly basis. In addition, the existing modules are regularly expanded or updated to meet the current needs of the participants. That means the academy is always growing. However, the price always remains the same for you as long as you maintain your membership. In other words: more and more value for the same price!
Ther're three different plans: Lite and Premium are subscription plans. This means that your payment method will be charged automatically at the beginning of each payment period unless you cancel. Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your access will then be maintained until the end of the current payment period. We also offer lifetime access for a one-time payment with no follow-up costs.
Subscription plans: Credit card
One-time payment for lifetime access: Credit card/PayPal/bank transfer
Yes, it is, but only within the 1st day after booking. We’re not able to issue a refund later, as the service has already been provided.
Of course. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. Access will then be maintained until the end of the current payment period.
Of course, this is also possible. Just cancel your existing subscription and renew it later at any time.
To use the Academy, you need a stable Internet connection. For the private group, which you can join voluntarily, and for the 1-on-1 chat within the Premium plan, you need Telegram, which can be downloaded free of charge (available for PC, tablet, smartphone). You should also have at least a B1+ level in German, be highly motivated and willing to leave your comfort zone and learn actively.
You can contact us at any time via live chat at the bottom right of this website or by email at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.